Haus Laboratories Hero Image

Lady Gaga's vegan, cruelty free cosmetics brand wanted to provide a space in which content creators could could feel safe, open, and free to realize their visions

We conceived and designed a series of installations that imbued this content studio with visually stunning representations of that spirit

A rotating 3d rendering of the canopy installation.
Cycling images of the main space.

“The mirrored canopy is a centerpiece of the Studio that represents the importance of self-reflection and perspective

It’s a custom art piece that we feel so proud to showcase in our space”

- Lady Gaga

Cycling image of the interaction station for the partner brand, Klana.
The Klana logo.

We integrated interactive moments for the partner brand to speak directly to visitors

Image of the bathroom installation.

Never before have we had to wonder if a bathroom was our favorite part of a project

Cycling images of the studio space where content capture happens.

There's a dedicated studio space for content capture

An image of the 'studio in use' sign.

excited to see the creativity that comes out of this place